Efficient logistics management is essential for streamlined supply chain operations. Our software solutions offer route optimization, fleet tracking, warehouse management, inventory control, and real-time visibility capabilities, empowering transportation and logistics companies to minimize costs, improve delivery accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction.



Transport Management System

The Custom ERP software designed for Transport Service Businesses is a thorough solution crafted to specifically address the requirements of companies operating in the transportation sector.

Multiuser Access : The cloud-based software offers multiuser access for various stakeholders including Administrator Panel, System Users, Vehicle Owner Panel, Supplier Panel, Buyer Panel, and an Android Application for Vehicle Owners, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.

Trip Management : Streamlined management of trip details including trip scheduling, route planning, and trip allocation based on orders.

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Graphical Views for Analytics : Graphical representations of data are provided for analytics, allowing users to gain insights and make informed decisions based on visualized data.

Driver Management : Efficient management of driver details including driver assignments, schedules, and performance tracking.

Fuel Management : Tracking and management of fuel consumption, fuel purchases, and fuel expenses for vehicles.

Vehicle Management : Comprehensive management of vehicle details, maintenance schedules, insurance information, and vehicle-related expenses.

Supplier Management : Management of supplier details including contracts, payment terms, and supplier performance evaluation.

Material & Material Group Management : Management of materials and material groups, facilitating efficient inventory management and procurement processes.

Order Creation : Creation and management of orders for transportation services, including order tracking and status updates.

Trip Allocation by Order (Import Excel Option) : Efficient allocation of trips based on orders, with the option to import trip details from Excel for streamlined operations.

Accounts : Comprehensive management of accounts including payment vouchers for vehicle owners and suppliers, receive vouchers for buyers, and general expenses vouchers with vehicle maintenance tracking.

Detailed Reports with Filters and Export Options :The system offers detailed reports with advanced filtering options and export capabilities, including transport reports, order reports, etc.

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SBS Expedited

The Custom Theme Based Dynamic CMS Website for a Logistic Management Company in Canada offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform tailored to meet the specific needs of logistics businesses.

LTL Transport : Provides information about Less Than Truckload (LTL) transport services, including shipping to the USA and Canada, service levels, and featured lanes, enabling clients to understand the scope and capabilities of the company's transportation services.

Quick Track Vehicle/Order : Integrates with third-party APIs to provide quick tracking of vehicles or orders, enhancing transparency and visibility for clients.

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User Registration & Login : Allows users to register and login to access additional features and personalized content on the website.

Logistics : Details services related to logistics management, such as trade show and exhibit logistics, and global logistics solutions, showcasing the company's expertise in handling various logistical challenges

Warehousing & Distribution : Highlights warehousing and distribution services offered by the company, including a quote form for clients to request pricing and availability for their storage and distribution needs.

Technology : Provides information about the technology solutions utilized by the company to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in logistics management.

Documents Download : Provides access to downloadable documents such as brochures, guides, and forms, allowing clients to easily access important resources and information.

Safety Survey Form : Allows visitors to submit safety surveys, demonstrating the company's commitment to safety and continuous improvement in its operations.

Credit Application : Enables clients to apply for credit with the company, streamlining the process of establishing credit terms for ongoing business transactions.

Training Centers & Access : Provides information about training centers and access for employees and partners, ensuring that personnel are properly trained and equipped to perform their roles effectively.

Transit Calculator : Offers a transit time calculator to help clients estimate delivery times for their shipments, improving planning and logistics coordination.

Quote Request :Facilitates the process of requesting quotes for logistics services, making it easy for clients to get pricing information for their transportation and warehousing needs.

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SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
SBS Expedited
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier
Right Lane Carrier

Right Lane Carrier

With Customized theme CMS Website for a Logistic Management Company provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform designed to address the unique requirements of logistics companies.

User Registration & Login :Allows users to register and access personalized content. Quick Track Vehicle/Order: Integration for tracking vehicles or orders via third-party APIs.

Quote Request :Facility for requesting quotes for logistics services.

Provides an overview of all essential information about the company and its services

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Transit Calculator :Tool for estimating delivery times for shipments.

Logistics :Information on logistics services such as trade show & exhibits logistics and global logistics solutions.

Distribution :Includes warehousing and distribution services along with a quote form for inquiries.

Technology :Highlight’s technology solutions used for streamlining operations.

Resources :Offers various resources including forms for requesting quotes and additional information.

News & Blogs :Updates and articles related to the logistics industry.

Documents Download :Access to downloadable documents such as brochures and forms.

Safety Survey Form :Provides visitors with the capability to submit safety surveys.

Credit Application :Empowers clients to request credit from the company.

Training Centers & Access :Furnishes details regarding training facilities and employee access.

Google Maps integration, mobile responsiveness, and SEO setup.

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