In the fast-paced world of finance, accuracy, compliance, and security are critical. Our financial software solutions encompass banking systems, insurance platforms, wealth management tools, and fintech solutions, facilitating secure transactions, regulatory compliance, risk management, and data-driven decision-making for financial institutions and startups alike.

Commodity Software

Commodity software refers to standardized, off-the-shelf software solutions designed for general use across various industries and businesses.

Super Admin adds users and sends login details via email.

Masters :Company Master for managing multiple companies.

Products management.

Sellers management for adding, editing, and updating seller details.

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Android Device Master and Transporter Master for managing devices and transporters.

Party/Buyer management with around 20 fields and GEO location.

Contract Management Listing of all contracts registered with details and status, including those pending for delivery.

Gate pass generation for customizing gate passes.

Loading instructions based on the algorithm considering the geo-location of delivery locations.

Freight note generation with the option to edit quantities.

Filters for data retrieval.

Route assignment and modification.

Live device location tracking using mobile GPS.

Payment Management

Automatic generation of buyer ratings for early payments.

Brokerage Management

Calculation and tracking of brokerage earned from each deal/order.

Transporter Commission and Courier Entry

System Users Management:

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Billing Software

Sales & Stock Management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline sales and inventory operations for businesses. It typically includes features to manage sales orders, track stock levels, handle purchase orders, and generate reports for analysis.

Master Entry : Management of various master entries including Owner, Company, Category, Sub Category, Brand, Product, Stock, Sales User, Vendor, Bank & Cash, and Tax.

Stock/Inventory Management : Handling of purchase orders, purchase bill entries, and assignment of stock to sales users.

Sales Order History : Provides a record of past sales orders.

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Contra Entry : Facilitates bank-to-bank, cash-to-bank, and bank-to-cash transactions.

Reports : Provision of reports with export to Excel feature, including Sales/Payment Transaction Report, Stock Report, Vendor Outstanding Report, Tax Report, and Bank & Cash Statement Report.


Sales User Panel : Provides access to the sales user panel, facilitating sales-related activities.

Vendor List : Management of vendor details, including sales order details and outstanding payment information.

Sales Order Creation : Enables sales users to create sales orders for products with payment modes, deducting stock from the assigned inventory.

Transfer Stock to Another Sales User : Allows the transfer of stock inventory between sales users.

Stock View : Facilitates viewing of stock inventory.

Order History : Maintains a history of past orders.

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The custom accounting solution is designed to cater to the specific needs of organizations with a hierarchical structure, comprising Head Office, Zonal Office, Regional Office, and Branch levels.

Head Office Admin Account: Full control over the system with maximum functionality.

Owner Master : Management of company details including name, logo, contact information, and social media links.

Account Groups : Creation of unlimited ledgers under various account groups.

Two-level authorization for transactions.

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Financial Year Creation : Ability to define financial years by selecting start and end months.

Customers and Suppliers : Addition and import of customer and supplier details.

Reports : Generate account ledgers, cash books (branch-wise filtration), bank books, trial balances, profit & loss statements, and balance sheets.

Hierarchy Master : Create and manage Zonal, Regional, and Branch offices.

User Administration : Assign privileges to sub-admin users based on branch, regional, or zonal office rights. Automatic password generation.

Risk Management : Real-time dashboard for approving deposits and withdrawals.

Zonal Office : Branch-wise reporting of withdrawals and deposits, including all regional and branch offices & Reports: Cash book reports categorized by regional office to branch office-wise transactions.

Regional Office: Branch-wise reporting of withdrawals and deposits, focusing on branch office reporting.

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Account ERP

An Account ERP system generally includes a broad array of functionalities aimed at optimizing accounting procedures, efficiently handling financial matters, and offering valuable insights into business operations.

General Ledger Management : Maintain a centralized ledger for all financial transactions.

Accounts Payable (AP) and Receivable (AR) Management : Manage vendor/supplier invoices, payments, and aging.

Online Result & Comparison System : Automate invoice processing and approval workflows.

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Support for multi-currency transactions and conversions.

Financial Reporting and Analysis : Generate customizable financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and trial balances.

Budgeting and Forecasting : Create and manage budgets for different departments, projects, or cost centers.

Fixed Asset Management : Track and manage fixed assets including acquisition, depreciation, and disposal.

Bank Reconciliation : Match and reconcile bank transactions with accounting records. Identify and resolve discrepancies between bank statements and internal records.

Automate reconciliation processes to save time and reduce errors.

Tax Management : Calculate, report, and file taxes accurately and on time. Stay compliant with changing tax regulations and requirements.

Audit Trail and Compliance : Maintain a detailed audit trail of all financial transactions and changes.

Integration with Other Business Systems : Seamlessly integrate with other ERP modules such as inventory management, sales, and procurement.

User Access Controls and Security : Implement role-based access controls to restrict access to sensitive financial data.

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Restaurant Billing software

This solution offers a comprehensive suite of features catering to the diverse needs of hotel and restaurant management, ranging from inventory and order management to accounting and reporting.

Inventory Account Management

System Users Administration

Captain Mobile Application

Kitchen Dashboard

Billing Desk Management

Masters : Owner, Department, Designation, and System User Management

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Bank/Cash Handling

Food Category, Food, and Ingredient Management

Discount and Customer Master Setup

Inventory Management including Category, Subcategory, Vendor, Unit, and Item management

Store Stock Monitoring : Items Addition and Issuing, Physical Stock Verification Indent and Purchase Order Management

Opening & Closing Stock Tracking

Bill Creation and Payment Handling

Order Management (Captain & Billing Desk) : Order Entry and Tracking Table Order Management

Kitchen : Ordered Item List Tracking, Delivered Item List Management Accounts:

Receipt and General Voucher Management : Payment History Tracking (Cash Submission)

Vendor Bill Payments Management : Amount Transfer between Bank/Cash

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Water Billing Software

The water billing software is a comprehensive solution designed to manage all aspects of water billing processes efficiently. consists of three main components: Cloud Software, Bill Generation, and a Mobile Application for Android devices.

Cloud Software : Provides bilingual support, Includes features for managing designations, teams, and user accounts with specified privileges.

Features map search, tour scheduling, and management of unread meters and manual reads.

Incorporates alarms for GPS deviations, skips, and manual index adjustments.

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Monitor’s consumption patterns and alerts for zero consumption or significant deviations

Offers customer access for bill retrieval using meter IDs.

Utilizes GEO Fencing for location-based services.

Generates customized reports and provides a graphical dashboard similar to Temetra.

Bill Generation : Supports bilingual bill generation in editable formats (PDF, Image).

Enables bulk bill generation with or without images.

Auto-imports data from reading software and allows Excel data import.

Supports editable price formats for flexible billing.

Facilitates data downloading, searching, and filtering, with a barcode reader for efficient data retrieval.

Allows updating and storage of new reading data and photos, with GPS coordinate integration for location tracking.

Supports drive-by functionality to locate meters using GPS.

Offers route switching and reloading options.

Track’s statistics and enforces mandatory entry for meter readings and photos

Facilitates bill distribution, including downloading assigned route bills and tracking bill drop times and addresses.

User tracking map for monitoring user activities.

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This CRM Software offers a robust set of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of different user roles, facilitating efficient customer interaction management, data tracking, and reporting for enhanced business processes and customer experiences.

System Users : Super & Sub Admin

Branch Manager

Team Manager : Product Coordinator

Super & Sub Admin Access : Admin Login with username & password management Dashboard for overall review in numerical & table formats

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Import data feature with customizable format and unique ID generation

Masters’ setup for banks, products, categories, subcategories, departments, designations, and employees/staff

Field Executive management with mobile app access, GPS tracking, and push notifications.

System user roles management, auto email settings, and profile management

Staff Login Access : 10. Staff Login with username & password management Customized dashboard based on user roles

Mobile app access for Field Executives with GPS tracking and push notifications

Reporting capabilities tailored to user roles

Profile management and logout option

Users can track their payment transactions, and faculty members can easily manage payment settlements.

Field Executive Mobile App : Access to bank-wise products & allocated data GPS tracking for field executives' activities

Management of system user roles, access privileges, and profiles .

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