It's imperative to keep up with trends and maintain consumer interest in the rapidly changing entertainment, social media, and fashion industries. In a cutthroat industry, our software solutions help brands generate sales, encourage brand loyalty, and produce engaging experiences. Digital marketing solutions, content creation platforms, social media management tools, and e-commerce platforms are some of these solutions.


Custom web portal IFH-mic encompasses a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to facilitate efficient management of various aspects related to the organization's operations and user interactions.

Organization Master : Management of owner company details.

Masters :

Transaction History : Competition-wise payment lists with invoices.

Help Desk : Submission of help requests.

Category Master : Sub-Category Master: Add, edit, delete, and activate/inactivate sub-categories.

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Staff & Designation Master : Add, edit, delete, and activate/inactivate staff members and their designations.

CMS Pages : Management of content pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Clientele, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Home Page Content, Blogs, Services, Price List, etc.

Competition Management : Create, edit, delete, and activate/inactivate competitions. Handling of applicant lists and competition results.

Artist Videos & Audios : Verify and upload videos on YouTube Channel and portal.

Report Section : Generate 5-6 reports with filters and export-to-Excel option.

User Privileges : Creation of user roles with varying access levels.

Guest & Artist Web Interface

Update Profile : Pending approval by admin, with subsequent approval/rejection after review.

Upload Audios & Videos : Submission for admin approval, with like and share options upon approval.

Payment Transaction History : Access to competition-wise invoice details.

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Developed App for Customer, Tailor & Delivery Agent This app encompasses a comprehensive suite of functionalities catering to the diverse needs and seamless management and operation across the platform.

Super admin credentials are system integrated, while other users utilize credentials shared via email.

Displays numeric representations of significant factors such as Orders Received, Orders Completed, and Doorstep Boutique Bookings generated.

User Management : Facilitates user listing, viewing of user-submitted details, user deletion, and status change (active/inactive).

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Commission Management : Admin can set commission amounts for Tailors.

Masters : Includes management of Country, State, City, Location/Pin code, Product Category Type, Sub Category Type, Service Category Type, Sub Category Type, Measurement Master, Price Master, Tax Master, Tailor Master, Delivery Charges Master, and more.

Content Management System : Allows management of various content elements to be showcased on the app, including About Us, Logo, FAQ, Testimonials, Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Contact Us, etc.

Doorstep Boutique Management : Enables listing of Tailors with details, new order notifications to Tailors based on location, viewing and managing booking requests, and order status updates.

Product Management : Manages products under each category, new orders, review of previous orders, product details, product stock, etc.

Product Order Management : Allows viewing of product orders, order tracking, order history, user details, order status updates, invoicing, and user order management.

Shipping/Delivery Management : Provides functionalities for viewing destination addresses, order cancellation, return order processing, and order status changes.

Customer Feedback List : Admin can manage and change the status of customer feedback.

Discount Coupon : Incorporates functionality for discount coupons.

Payment Gateway : Integration of a payment gateway for seamless transactions.

Query/Support Management : Allows viewing of user queries, updating query status, and user notification.

Advertisements/Banners for User App : Admin can manage and display ads/banners for services.

System Users : Admin can add users with different privileges and access levels.

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Filmi Shorts

Developed hybrid application with features designed to cater to the diverse needs of users. By offering seamless integration across platforms and robust administration capabilities, it ensures efficient content management and user engagement.

Discover : Users can search for content by shorts or topics, accessing a list of searched shorts shown in feeds.

My Feed : Curates personalized content, including polls, shorts, ads, and insights.

Features slides feeds, images, YouTube videos, and text/content snippets.

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Allows redirection to web URLs within the app, along with sharing and bookmarking options.

Ads : Seamlessly integrates advertisements with multiple images and sharing options to maximize engagement.

Settings : Language preferences for English and Hindi. Notification toggles for enabling/disabling notifications.

Night mode toggle for enhanced viewing in low-light conditions.

Options to share the app, rate it, and provide feedback through a form. Access to terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Notifications : Provides a list of all notifications to keep users updated on app activities and events.

Shortcuts provide quick access to sections like "My Feed," "All News," "Top Stories," "Trending," "Bookmarks," and "Unread."

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Sahyadri Adventure

dynamic website with Admin panel access offers a comprehensive solution for showcasing organizational offerings, managing content, and engaging with visitors effectively. user experience, content management convenience, and technical robustness to meet the client's requirements and goals.

Gallery Management : Upload and organize images and videos in the gallery section to showcase past events and activities.

Our Services : Details of the services offered by the organization, providing visitors with insights into the range of activities available.

Menu Pages : Navigation links to essential pages like About Us, Team, Our Services, Upcoming Events, Event Details, Blogs, Gallery, Become our Member, and Contact Us.

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Upcoming Events : Categorization of upcoming events such as Trekking/Hiking, Camping, Tours, Adventure Sports, Corporate Events, and School & College Tours, along with forms for inquiries.

Become our Member (Form) : Invitation for visitors to become members, with a form to collect their details for membership registration.

Content Management : Ability for the client to manage content, images, and videos on various pages of the website through the Admin panel.

Event Management : Creation and management of upcoming events, including event details and inquiries received through the website forms.

Blog Management : Creation and publishing of blog posts, allowing the client to share valuable content with visitors.

Membership Management : Access to member registration details submitted through the website form.

Form Submission Management : Centralized view of all inquiries and requests received through the website forms, facilitating easy follow-up and communication with visitors.

Website Settings : Options to configure website settings, including SEO settings, chat integration, and email configuration.

User Management : Management of user accounts and permissions for accessing the Admin panel, ensuring secure access to website management functionalities.

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Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club
Sahyadri Adventure Club


Meetplus is a comprehensive video conferencing platform designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among individuals and teams, offering a wide range of features to enhance productivity and connectivity.

One-to-One Video Call : Conduct high-quality video calls with individuals for personalized discussions, interviews, or consultations.

Security : Implement robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption, meeting passwords, and participant authentication, to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of discussions.

Group Meetings : Host virtual meetings with multiple participants, allowing teams to collaborate, brainstorm, and discuss ideas in real-time.

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Live Chat : Exchange instant messages with participants during video calls or meetings for quick communication and collaboration.

Video Recording : Record video calls and meetings for future reference, training purposes, or sharing with participants who couldn't attend the live session.

Screen Recording : Capture and record screen activities during meetings, presentations, or demonstrations to illustrate ideas or concepts effectively.

Live Streaming : Broadcast live video meetings or events to a larger audience, enabling remote participants to join and interact in real-time.

Call History : Maintain a detailed record of past video calls and meetings, including participants, duration, and timestamps, for tracking and reference purposes.

Call Statistics : Access comprehensive statistics and analytics on video call performance, participant engagement, and meeting duration to evaluate productivity and optimize communication strategies.

Calendar Integration : Sync video meetings and appointments with your calendar to schedule, manage, and track upcoming events seamlessly.

File Manager : Share and manage files, documents, presentations, and other multimedia content during video calls or meetings for collaborative discussions and decision-making.

Account Usage : Monitor and track account usage, including meeting minutes, participants, and storage capacity, to optimize resource allocation and budgeting.

Participant Management : Manage participants during meetings, including muting/unmuting, enabling/disabling video, and removing participants if necessary.

Reminder : Set reminders for upcoming video calls, meetings, or events to ensure timely attendance and participation.

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