In the competitive landscape of eCommerce, personalized experiences and efficient operations are key to success. Our eCommerce software solutions encompass user-friendly storefronts, inventory management systems, secure payment gateways, and data-driven marketing tools, enabling businesses to attract, engage, and retain customers while optimizing sales and conversions.

Daulatram Basket

The custom eCommerce mobile app and web admin development for a single vendor grocery business encompasses various features aimed at providing a seamless shopping experience.

Data Management : Masters data management, CMS, and dashboard offer efficient handling of information.

Analytics : Graphical views provide insightful analytics for informed decision-making

User Management : User profiles, banners, and offer lists facilitate personalized experiences.

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Banner Management : Allows for the management and customization of banners within the mobile applications, enhancing user engagement and communication.

Students and Teachers Management : Facilitates the management of student and teacher profiles, including enrollment, attendance tracking, and performance evaluation.

Homework and Announcements : Enables the creation and distribution of homework assignments and announcements to students and parents, promoting effective communication and engagement.

Applications Management : Manages various applications such as teacher leave requests, student leave requests, certificate requests, and result publishing for streamlined administrative processes.

Gallery : Provides a platform for showcasing images and videos of school events, activities, and achievements, fostering a sense of community and pride.

Groups Management : Facilitates the creation and management of groups for specific purposes such as class groups, clubs, or committees, promoting collaboration and communication among members.

Time Tables Management : Manages class schedules and timetables for students and teachers, ensuring efficient use of time and resources.

Product Management : Top selling products, category, and product management streamline product offerings.

Order Management : Order tracking, payment transaction history, and invoice management ensure smooth order processing.

Payment Integration : Payment gateway integration enables secure online transactions.

Delivery Management : Delivery location, tax, and delivery agent management streamline the delivery process.

Delivery Agent App : A dedicated app for delivery agents facilitates order delivery and live location tracking.

Standard eCommerce Features : Price slider/filters, sponsored ads, notifications, navigation, product views, social media sharing, CMS pages, product reviews, contact form, and Google Map integration ensure a robust shopping experience.

Reports : Predictive and strong analytical reporting with filters and export options offer valuable insights into business performance.

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The custom farmer marketplace mobile app and web admin development caters to the multilingual Indian farming community, offering a range of features for seamless interaction and trade

Super Admin, Admin, and System User authentication ensure secure access to the platform.

Data Management : Masters data management, CMS, and dashboard facilitate efficient handling of information.

Listing and Selling : Users can view items posted by others for sale and list their own items for selling.

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Backup : Periodical backup ensures data security and integrity.

Profile Management : Users can update additional information, payment details, language preferences, and manage account settings.

Sale Management : Sellers can monitor the status of their posted items, including pending, active, sold, or expired listings.

Supplier and Trader Profiles : Profiles of farm suppliers and traders are displayed, with options for location-based filtering.

Payment Transactions : Secure payment transactions can be made to sellers/admin via integrated payment gateway.

Advertisements : Advertisements in the form of pictures or videos are integrated, with tracking of user engagement.

Third-Party Integration : Integration with SMS, GPS, and Google AdMob enhances functionality.

Reports : Predictive and strong analytical reporting with filters and export options provide valuable insights into platform usage and performance.

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Growzo & Poona Agro Cart
Growzo & Poona Agro Cart
Growzo & Poona Agro Cart
Growzo & Poona Agro Cart
Growzo & Poona Agro Cart

Growzo & Poona Agro Cart

The custom eCommerce web and app development initiative serves the needs of both B2B and B2C clients, providing a variety of features to facilitate smooth transactions and efficient management.

User Access : Multiple user access levels for web admin, B2C users, B2B businesses, delivery agents, and farmers.

Masters & User Privileges : Comprehensive management of masters data and user privileges

Subscription Plans : Weekly, monthly, and basket plans for subscriptions, with user wallet support.

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Payment : Payment transaction management and provision for refunds.

Management Modules : Includes farmer, store, delivery agent, customer order, CMS pages, location, category, brand, product, shipping/delivery, collection center, and payment transaction management.

Promotions : Coupon codes, special offers, custom ads, and sponsored ads to enhance user engagement.

Delivery Agent App : Dedicated app for delivery agents with live location tracking.

Notifications : SMS, email, and push notifications, both auto and custom templates.

Reports : Predictive, analytical, and tabular reporting system with filters and Excel export capabilities

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Local Supermart

The Local Supermart online grocery app serves as a convenient platform for users to shop for groceries from their favorite nearby Kirana stores, accessible through both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile OTP Authentication : Users authenticate their accounts using mobile OTP for added security.

Graphical Analytics : Users can visualize data through graphical representations for better insights into app usage and performance.

CMS Pages Management : The platform allows for easy entry and management of content on CMS pages.

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Location-Based Shopping : Customers can shop from nearby shops within the same pin code area for convenience.21. Order Tracking: Customers can track their orders in real-time, enhancing transparency and trust

Online Shop Registration : Local shops can register online to become part of the platform, expanding their customer reach.

KYC Process : The app facilitates Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for online shop registration, ensuring authenticity and trust.

Subscription Plans : Shops can opt for subscription plans and make payments through integrated payment gateways

Customer Management : Registered customer profiles are managed within the app for personalized shopping experiences.

Order Management : Efficient management of customer orders is facilitated, streamlining the purchasing process.

Payment Management : The app supports various payment methods including payment gateways, cash, and UPI, providing flexibility to users.

Custom Invoices : Each shop can generate custom invoices tailored to their branding and preferences.

Multi-Shop Shopping Cart : Users can add items from multiple shops to a single shopping cart for convenience.

Shop Promotion : Shops can promote their products through advertisements, offers, and coupons within the app.

Custom Ads Management : The platform enables shops to manage custom advertisements to attract customers.

Notifications : Users receive push notifications, emails, and WhatsApp messages regarding orders, offers, and updates.

Support Ticket Management : Efficient management of customer support tickets ensures timely resolution of queries and issues.

Product Management : Both shops and admins can manage product listings within the app.

Linked Customers : Shops can manage linked customers for better customer relationship management.

Shop-Wise Order Management : Orders are managed shop-wise to streamline fulfillment processes.

Order History : Users have access to their order history for reference and reordering.

Order Tracking : Customers can track their orders in real-time, enhancing transparency and trust

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Local Supermart
Local Supermart
Local Supermart
Local Supermart
Local Supermart
Local Supermart


Custom Theme based CMS Website, Resume Builder Web Portal and Web Administrator Access.

Created three custom products Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder & One Click Website.

User Registration and Authentication :: Allow users to register and create accounts securely. Implement authentication mechanisms to ensure user data privacy and security.

User Profile Management : Enable users to create and manage their profiles, including personal information, contact details, and career objectives.

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Subscriptions Plan: B2B & Individuals

Resume Templates : Provide a variety of professionally designed resume templates for users to choose from. Allow users to customize templates based on their preferences, including font styles, colors, and layout options.

Dynamic Form Fields: Develop a dynamic form-based interface where users can input their personal details, education, work experience, skills, certifications, and other relevant information. Use conditional logic to adapt the form fields based on user selections or inputs.

Content Suggestions : Offer suggestions and prompts to help users fill out their resumes effectively. Provide tips on writing compelling summaries, highlighting key achievements, and tailoring resumes for specific job applications.

Content Parsing and Organization : Implement algorithms to parse and organize user-inputted data into predefined resume sections, such as summary, work experience, education, skills, and additional sections like projects or certifications.

Preview and Editing :: Allow users to preview their resumes in real-time as they input data or make changes. Provide editing tools for users to modify content, adjust formatting, and refine the layout of their resumes.

Automatic Formatting and Styling : Automate the formatting and styling of resumes based on selected templates and user preferences. Ensure consistency in design elements across different sections of the resume.

Download and Export : Enable users to download their completed resumes in various formats, such as PDF, Word, or plain text. Offer options for users to share their resumes via email or generate shareable links.

Integration with Job Portals : Integrate the platform with popular job portals or recruitment websites to streamline the job application process. Allow users to directly upload their resumes to job listings or apply for jobs within the platform.

User Feedback and Support : Provide channels for users to provide feedback, report issues, or seek assistance. Offer customer support through email, live chat, or a help center to address user queries and concerns.

Analytics and Insights : Implement tracking mechanisms to gather data on user interactions, such as resume creation activity, template preferences, and user demographics. Use analytics to gain insights into user behavior and improve the platform's usability and performance.

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The custom mobile application development project encompasses the creation of a comprehensive solution comprising three main components: the Admin Panel, Consumer App, and Restaurant App.

The Admin Panel serves as the central control hub of the system, granting administrators maximum functionality and oversight.

Consumer and Restaurant Management : Allows for the management of registered consumers and restaurants, including profile details, offers, and support tickets.

Payment Transaction History : Track’s payment transactions related to restaurant subscription plans.

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The Consumer Mobile App caters to end-users, providing a seamless experience for discovering deals/offers, making selections, and receiving notifications.

Support Ticket Management : Enables handling of support tickets raised by consumers and restaurants.

Custom Push Notifications : Facilitates the sending of targeted notifications to consumers and restaurants.

Promotion Selection : Allows users to select promotions from restaurants and cancel them if needed.

Order Updates : Provides real-time updates on placed orders.

Help/Support Ticket : Accesses support for assistance.

The Restaurant Mobile App empowers restaurant owners to create promotions, manage consumer lists, and receive notifications.

Generates QR codes after customers accept offers, facilitating seamless order processing between consumers and restaurants.

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NES Electrical
NES Electrical
NES Electrical
NES Electrical
NES Electrical
NES Electrical
NES Electrical

NES Electrical

The fully dynamic custom CMS E commerce website empowers the admin with extensive control over all aspects of the platform, ensuring maximum functionality and flexibility

Product Search & View :Allows users to search and view products with detailed specifications.

Clearance Stock :Clearance Stock: Displays discounted or clearance items.

Product Wishlist & Sharing : Enables users to save and share products of interest.

Gift Cards : Provides options for purchasing and redeeming gift cards.

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Add to Cart & Order Management : Facilitates product selection and checkout processes.

Shipping/Delivery Address Management : Allows users to manage delivery addresses.

Payment Gateway Integration : Ensures secure online transactions.

Order Tracking & History : Enables users to track orders and view past purchases.

Product Review & Rating : Allows users to provide feedback on products.

CMS Pages Management :Enables content creation and updates for the home page, news, and articles.

Customer Details & Enquiries : Manages customer inquiries and login credentials.

Product Master & Management :Control’s product listings, categories, and specifications.

Customer Open Orders & Transactions :Track’s customer orders, transactions, and purchase history.

Sales Order Management : Manages sales orders, statuses, and invoices.

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Mobile Owner

The Android and iOS user app is designed with the primary goal of offering a comprehensive solution for managing mobile device details, particularly in instances of theft or loss. It strives to provide users with a seamless experience by facilitating the registration, tracking, and retrieval of vital information related to their mobile devices.

Developed 3 Apps for (User App, Shop Owner, Employee)

Search Device :Users can search for devices by IMEI No.

User Registration

Add Mobile/IMEI : Users can manually add their device details

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Device Added by Shop :Users can make payment via a payment gateway for devices added by shops, with options to download invoices.

View Mobile Details : Users can view detailed information about registered mobiles and perform actions like marking as stolen/lost, found, blocking/unblocking the carrier, transferring ownership, or marking as dead.

Business Registration : Shop owners can register their businesses by providing essential information.

Login :Shop owners can log in using their mobile number and OTP verification.

Customer Management :Shop owners can add customers, generate invoices, and manage existing customer lists.

Wallet :Tracks earnings through commissions and allows withdrawal requests.

Employee Registration :Employees are registered by the admin and can log in using their mobile number and OTP verification.

Masters Section :Manages various master data related to device registration, commissions, tax, employees, and more.

List of Registered Users :Manages registered shop owners and employees.

Payment Transaction Management :Records and manages payment withdrawal requests.

Reports :Generates reports for insights into user and transaction data.

Incorporation of barcode scanning for IMEI 1 and IMEI 2.

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Mobile Owner
Mobile Owner
Mobile Owner
Mobile Owner

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