In the construction and real estate sectors, collaboration and project management are critical for success. Our software solutions enable real estate developers and construction organizations to boost project transparency, expedite workflows, and complete projects on schedule and under budget by offering project planning, budgeting, scheduling, document management, and client collaboration tools.

EQUIP9 ️ - Connecting Equipment To Your Business

Equip9 application aim to provide users with a seamless, intuitive, and feature-rich experience. By prioritizing user convenience, security, and functionality, we are confident that Equip9 will emerge as a leading platform in the equipment industry, fostering collaboration and driving business growth.

Social media account integration (Google/Facebook) offers an alternative login method for users, ensuring accessibility.

Company users must provide verification documents such as work/company details, equipment details, educational qualifications, and identification documents.

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Login and Registration : Registered users can log in with valid credentials and select their role from multiple profiles, providing flexibility and convenience.

User Interface : Users are greeted with Equip9-related videos on the login page, offering valuable content and enhancing user engagement.

Sign-up/Registration Process (EUS2) :Users can register as individuals or companies, selecting their business role type from five options: Business Owner, Equipment Owner, Operator Partner, Maintenance Partner, or Dealer.

Profile Management (EUS3, EUS4, EUS5, EUS6) :Individual users can maintain personal profile details such as name, profile picture, email, and password, while company users can manage company-specific information like name, logo, and GST number.

Maintenance and Operator partners undergo profile verification, with status notifications indicating verification completion.

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NMagik Pvt. Ltd.

NMagik Application’s features provides streamlining operations, enhancing user experience, and fostering effective communication and collaboration within the organization.

Network Management (CRM) : Enables efficient management of customer relationships, including lead tracking, customer interactions, and follow-ups.

Masters Data :Includes various master data such as country, state, city, area, zone, magik code, banks, unit master, and rewards points for reference and configuration.

Builders Management :Facilitates the management of builder relationships, including project details, contracts, and communication.

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Project DBMS :central repository for project-related data, allowing users to access project information, milestones, and updates.

FRM Management : Field Relationship Management, enabling users to manage site visits, feedback, and project-related tasks efficiently.

System Users and Privileges Controls :Provides administrative controls to manage user access and permissions within the system.

Membership Status Config :Allows configuration of membership status parameters and criteria for users within the system.

Content Management (CMS) :Enables the creation, editing, and management of content for the organization's websites and applications.

Post & Videos for Nmagik App (Network App) :Facilitates the posting and sharing of content such as articles, videos, and updates on the Nmagik app.

App Experience Feedback :Allows users to provide feedback on their experience with the organization's mobile applications.

Call Logs (IVR Integration and Call Logs) :Integrates with Interactive Voice Response systems to log and manage incoming and outgoing calls.

Support Ticket :Enables users to raise and track support tickets for assistance and issue resolution.

Account Management : Provides a comprehensive view of account-related information, including invoices, payments, and rewards.

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NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
NMagik Pvt. Ltd.
Moco Design
Moco Design
Moco Design
Moco Design
Moco Design
Moco Design

Moco Design

CMS dynamic website Development with custom theme.

Prominent banners with videos that can be updated dynamically from the admin panel.

Get a Quote form link for visitor inquiries.

Integration of social media links for enhanced connectivity.

Contact information including phone number.

Vision and mission statement reflecting the company's objectives.

Projects List :Horizontal slide showcasing various projects, Each project includes images and an option to explore further.

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Project Details :Detailed information about individual projects with vertical scrolling for navigation.

Clients & Partners

List of branch addresses with interactive maps.

Contact form for visitor inquiries, with submissions sent to the admin panel via email notification.

Essential legal pages including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Disclaimer.

User Experience :Designed to make a great first impression with attractive visuals and smooth navigation.

Mobile responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices.

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Construction ERP

Software provides a comprehensive solution for efficient inventory and site management, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity while ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory standards.

User Management :Role-based access control and authentication mechanisms to manage user permissions effectively.

Compliance and Audit :Tools and features for ensuring compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements, including audit trails and document storage.

Masters :Creation of master data including sites, departments, designations, item categories, vendors, etc., with CRUD functionality.

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Vendor Management :Profile management and document storage for vendors, ensuring efficient vendor relationship management.

Inventory Management :Centralized inventory tracking across multiple sites, stock management features, and real-time stock updates.

DPR (Daily Progress Report) :Task allocation, progress reporting, and notification system for daily reporting activities.

Site-wise System Users :Management of user accounts with varying access levels tailored to specific sites.

Super Admin and Sub Admin Roles :Implementation of roles with varying administrative rights for system management.

Document Management System :Storage, retrieval, and access control for documents based on user roles and categories.

Item Requisition :System for requesting items from the main inventory, with approval workflows and stock updates.

Reports :Generation of customized reports with export options to Excel/PDF and required filters for data analysis.

Mobile Accessibility :Responsive design for mobile access to essential features and functionalities.

User Training and Support :Provision of training materials and support resources, along with a helpdesk or ticketing system for user assistance.

Security :Implementation of robust security measures, including access controls and regular security audits, to safeguard sensitive data.

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