Digital Marketing Company in Pune

01-Dec-16 mplussoft technologies
Digital Marketing Company in Pune

"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is  it is what consumers tell each other it is."

Do you agree? I think almost everyone will agree with this saying.

Most of us buy things or use the services of our respective brands just because we have been recommended or have heard someone using them. Isn't it?
In turn, they might have heard likewise. On the other hand, in this new media age, it takes hardly a minute for things to go viral. All thanks to digital marketing!
Digital marketing refers to advertising of products and services, it does not necessarily mean using online mediums; it can be done offline too.
Actually, Digital Marketing has been around for much longer. But, the medium then was electronic devices. Now with the growing use of smartphones, the medium has shifted to online.
There's a lot more to this since I'll talk about digital marketing in a separate guide, I am creating infographics of the different areas of digital marketing here for the sake of completeness.

I hope this infographic expanded your view a bit, for more details, visit Digital Marketing Company in Pune.

Mplussoft is a premiere Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India which was founded in 2011 when India was just opening up to the idea of Digital Marketing. Mplussoft was founded with the primary focus of enabling brands to meet the consumer where they were rather than trying to bring them to their retail stores or outlets.

From E-commerce applications, Web Development, SEO, Mobile Applications, Social Media Management (SMM), and Digital Marketing services, Mplussoft has become a sought-after Digital Marketing Company in Pune and boasts 350+ clients across the world with our team of expert services.

Mplussoft, over the past decade, has evolved into a forward-thinking digital agency that meets the digital demands of its clients. Already being experts in web application, web development, and mobile app development. we quickly came up with our own unique Search Engine Optimisation technique that helps brands with better Google rankings in sync with a content-driven presence on social media. Besides SEO and Social Media Management, Mplussoft has a team of experts for Content Marketing, Google Adwords and Paid Campaigns, Digital Strategizing, inbound and Outbound marketing solutions, Lead Generation, and Facebook Marketing.

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 25-30% in India annually and India has reached 500 million users on the Internet by the end of 2018. Pune being the Oxford of the East quickly adapted to the digital revolution and started offering education courses in this field, knowing very well that in the years to come more and more professionals will be in demand in the Digital Marketing teams in companies.

Our team can devise a digital marketing strategy that is suited to meet your marketing goals and thus help you achieve your business revenue, growth, and engagement targets. At every stage of the campaign, a dedicated Mplussoft associate will guide you in defining the objective of the campaign, then implement the same, and at the end of a successful campaign present you with a detailed analysis that will help you compare and constantly improve your digital marketing strategy.


How can Mplussoft and digital marketing take your business to the next level? Here are a few reasons to answer this critical question-

With the evolution of modern technologies and mobile phones, small and medium enterprises can now reach out to a defined target audience much more easily at significantly lower costs. It enables them to attract their audiences through engaging content without having to spend large or sometimes even unthinkable amounts than traditional mediums like TV, Out of Home, Radio, or Print demand.

Digital Marketing helps businesses calculate and spend as per need and in real-time. You can measure the results with accuracy and also know what campaign worked or didn't work in achieving the conversion target. At any point in a campaign, you have the option to stop, revive, and reactivate the campaign to deliver better results. Unlike traditional media where once a hoarding or print ad is released, you have to wait it out till the period of the campaign is over.

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