Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

03-Apr-20 mplussoft technologies

Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

Statistics say there will be harshly 7 billion mobile users by 2020. The mobile app development industry is rapidly growing, and the improvement in internet networks and mobile technologies is leading towards surpassing mobile app development.

Cross-Platform mobile application development has become easier for mobile app development companies (in Pune) like Mplussoft. And this is because of frameworks like Flutter, React Native, etc.

In the last few years, cross-platform development is taken into account in a large amount. Cross-platform development helps the developer to develop code once and deploy it on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Like any other technology, Cross-Platform development has several benefits.

1) Re-Usable Code

The best thing about cross-platform is, its code can be used again and again. Developers need not write different code for different platforms. Single code can be used multiple times and thus repetitive tasks cut down. This saves time as well as resources and reusing code reduces the development, deployment, and maintenance of code.

2) Faster Development Time

Another benefit of cross-platform is crucial for any business. The fast development process is a win-win situation. When it comes to writing a single script for all platforms the development process becomes faster. Faster development, product launches sooner in the market, and remaining time can be used for any other productivity. Single script through cross-platform development saves 50 to 80% of effort. Mobile app development companies in Pune like Mplussoft have already adapted cross-platform development and thus serve their clients with fast delivery.

3) Cost Cutting

The concept of cross-platform app development code is written once and is used everywhere. This use of a single code across various platforms saves a significant amount of cost. Businesses had to pay a large amount of money earlier but thanks to cross-platform development companies now need to invest only once to develop the app.

4) Easy Maintenance and Code Deployment

As there is only one app developed which runs across every platform, it becomes easier to deploy code. It is also easier to make changes in a single script than in a different one. When it comes to the app update, it can be synced swiftly across all platforms and this helps in time and money-saving. Code maintenance, and bug fixing in a single/common database can be done once and this way developers can save a lot of time.

5) Uniformity

Cross-platform app development makes sure to make app design similar over all platforms. This is an important consideration when it comes to user experience for any web application. It is quite difficult and incompetent to use various methods to access the same mobile application on different mobile phones. Users prefer a similar app on different platforms. In the world of 8 billion people use different phones like Android, Windows, and iOS, and to provide sameness in service to those people on different technology, it is difficult but cross-platform development has made it done.


Mobile app development companies who are using the cross-platform are looking for more clients and are excited to serve them what they want. When the majority of people use the same platform, it is very easy to serve them. We can simply choose an app development platform. But when the goal is bigger, the size of the audience increases, and then it becomes hard to serve people using Android iPhone, or Windows mobile. It requires a separate app for all platforms. And this is where cross-platform development is helping you.

With cross-platform development, mobile app development companies are open to fulfilling all required work at the least cost and in less time.

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