On-Demand Apps

04-Jan-22 Mplussoft

On-Demand Apps

Are you familiar with on-demand apps? If not, then don't worry. In this era, when everything is available at the touch of a button, it is essential that we know where the world is heading. With the on-demand apps, any service or product can be delivered right to your doorstep with just a click.

On-demand apps are growing at a fast pace. The major reason behind it is their benefits and supportive services. It was once a traditional way to deliver services, but now it has become mainstream using on-demand apps.

In this blog, we are going to look at the on-demand app and its benefits for businesses, its applications, its future as well as looking at some features to include in on-demand apps.  

What are On-Demand apps?

On-demand apps act as a linking layer between customers and businesses. In the same way that Ola does for taxis, Oyo does for hotels, and Swiggy does for food delivery.

On-demand apps are an increasingly popular way to help companies fulfill their customer needs when and where they want them by providing on-demand service via mobile devices. These mobile applications are made primarily to help businesses meet customers' demand for specific services.

On-demand apps are everywhere. Prior to the arrival of smartphones, we used to walk into a restaurant, order food, and pay for it at the counter. As our needs increased so did the number of apps available. Restaurants learned to create an experience for their customers by providing home delivery services by using mobile apps.

Types of On-Demand apps

There are a wide variety of on-demand apps available today. Some are popular, others not so much. For your convenience, we've also made a list of the most popular On-demand apps for each category.

Food Delivery Apps

Food ordering has become easier than ever, with food delivery Apps. Food delivery apps are changing the way we think about ordering food from restaurants.

With just a few taps of your phone, you can order food, whether it's pizza, burger, or soft drinks. An added bonus is that the delivery usually arrives much quicker than using traditional phone calls.


Instead of missing out on time with friends and family, you can now enjoy everyone's company while waiting for your meal to arrive. There are also subscription services so you can simply pick your favorite meals and have them delivered at your convenience. 

Examples: Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy, and Foodpanda.


One of the most convenient apps of our time has to be grocery delivery Apps. These apps make it possible to get fresh fruits and veggies delivered right to your door.

The main advantage of these apps is that you can shop right from your phone instead of standing in line at a crowded store. Many are quick to use, anonymously chat with the shopkeeper, or have payment options that are actually cheaper than the local market.

Examples: Grofers, Big Basket, and Jio Mart.

Beauty and Wellness

These apps are designed to book home services for men and women. Any service can be requested via the app, including Salon, Spa, Party Make-up, Parlour, Massage, and Haircuts.

You just need to find your service on the map, schedule an appointment and have the professionals come to you.

Examples: Urban Company and Housejoy


Healthcare Apps is one platform where you can expect quality medical services using the latest technology without having to make multiple visits to different doctors.

With healthcare apps, users can do video consultations with doctors, book diagnostic tests, full body checkups, and order medicines online. Users can also ask doctor questions that can be answered immediately. This enables you to experience a faster, better, and more efficient healthcare system.

Examples: Practo, PharmEasy, and Doc's App


Cab booking is now a very easy task through online apps. The ease of online cab booking has provided a great benefit to the people who prefer online cab booking over the conventional way of getting a taxi directly on the road.

These apps allow users to request a ride, get real-time updates on the driver's progress, and track their rides. Some of them also offer passenger tracking for their loved ones.

Example: Uber and Ola.

On-Demand apps benefit your business

Mobile apps are highly recommended by marketing experts because of their feature-heavy approach.

The app installed on the phone tends to offer great convenience to the users in many ways including navigation, assistance in buying products or services, and even staying informed with the latest offers.

A well-developed app can attract customers, market your products or services, promote your brand name and even increase sales. Below are some of the reasons why having an app developed is beneficial for your business.

Growth Potential

According to Statista, in 2020 there were over 748 million mobile phone users in India. In other words, a company without an app development plan and no mobile marketing strategy is being dumb. Your greatest approach to keep customers coming back is to offer unique features on the app.

Businesses Opportunities

Businesses are starting to realize the benefits of using mobile apps. On-demand apps have simplified user experience, and customer service, and made communication quicker. It can also boost sales.

Mobile apps can also be a source of valuable data that can be used to make better business decisions. When a customer has an issue with your website, they want their issue resolved as quickly as possible.

There has to be a better way than going through multiple steps of contacting the customer support line on the website; however, mobile apps can solve this problem and allow customers to fix issues directly from their phones.

Apps are also used as a source of free advertising. As more consumers turn to their mobile phones for booking services, businesses have more opportunities to connect with their customers through apps.

Mobile app development has advanced dramatically in the past few years, and there are a number of companies developing highly-impressive applications. It is very easy to hire various app development companies which can provide long-term solutions at a very affordable price like Mplussoft.


Mobile apps can save big costs to the company. With mobile apps, tech-oriented solutions dramatically reduce the cost of the organization and improve the quality of its products and services.

As a top On-Demand app development company, we have also created many mobile applications for a variety of businesses. These mobile apps are all fully functional and very successful with users.

Flexible offers

There are countless advantages to giving out special offers and discounts via mobile apps. Promotional discounts are a great way to get more customers and also help grow your business. It can provide you with a huge reach and allow you to compete with your competitor.

Mobile app development is an extremely competitive field and many apps are designed primarily for the purpose of making money. However, there's also a lot of value in providing discounts and special offers that can help your business grow.

Most app stores include different promo codes within their apps that can be used on other stores also. This increases the probability of retention of an individual customer.

Main Features to include in On-Demand apps

Push Notification

When offering limited-time deals or services, it's ideal that you inform your customers and you can do this via push notifications or SMS alerts and you can also use this to market your services.

In addition, customers can receive notifications when products are launched or new stock is added. Using alerts, you can provide your customers with real-time status updates and notify them of any changes in their service requests.

Tracking System

The benefits of a tracking system in on-demand apps are broad and numerous. It plays a vital role in helping businesses and customers manage order updates without any hassle. With mobile apps, customers can track the location of the delivery boy or service professional after placing an order.

A GPS tracking system in the app can be used to find the exact address of the customer in real-time by providing the best services available at the location.

Authentication and Security

On-demand apps provide more strict security as compared to websites. There are more chances of cyberattacks on websites as compared to mobile apps.

Authentication and security are important for businesses as well as customers, however, If an app has no protection against snoopers, then users could be vulnerable to theft or other unwanted breaches of sensitive data.

In addition, protecting users' privacy can be difficult when third-party services are involved on the website.


There are instances when customers are not ready to buy the product at that time or the item they are searching for is not available in stock. Here, the Wishlist feature proves useful.

When the product is back in stock, customers will get a notification in the app and this will inspire customers to make the purchase. A wishlist is a very powerful feature to increase sales.

Benefits of rating and review feature

On-demand apps are heavily reliant on customer feedback and reviews. By doing so, users are able to share their positive or negative experiences of a product or service more easily. Ratings also make it easier for others to see what a person has liked or disliked about a product or service.

Summing Up

In the past few years, on-demand apps have revolutionized the way we learn about products and buy services. These apps feel like a natural evolution of the website/app model.

Each on-demand app enables you to buy a product or service from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

The consumer benefits of these apps include faster service, low prices, convenience, flexibility, and safety. There are numerous benefits to the consumer that make on-demand apps so desirable and popular.

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