what gratitude really means

03-Feb-17 M_Fida

Be THANKFUL for whatever you have and always express your GRATITUDE to the almighty, believe me, you will be never ever get into any trouble.

A moment of GRATITUDE makes a difference in your ATTITUDE.

I remember one story which is very close to today's life 

One day Narad asked Vishnu, am I the no. 1 Devotee of you.

Vishnu smiles and replied  Ohh Narad, no doubt you are one of the best Devotees of mine but not the no. 1.

Narad was amazed and said with a cheeky smile  Is it? Then who is the no one?

Vishnu quickly replied   Its the Farmer and he pointed his finger to one farmer in some village in India.

Narad replied   The farmer works day and night for his family, always thinks about survival and takes hardly two-three times your name in a day. On the other hand, I am always reciting Narayan Narayan with my every breath and still, the Farmer is no. 1. Do you think is this fair?

Vishnu waited for a minute and then replied   Can you do my one job? I have a Pot full of water, I want you to take a round of earth by having this pot on your head. And remember if a single drop of water will be dropped on Earth, you will lose the battle of who is the no. 1 devotee.

Narad accepted the challenge. He was very cautious and did not let a single drop of water be dropped. Finally, he finished the task as Vishnu Stated.

He said with overwhelming feelings   I completed your task, my lord, now what do you say, am I the no?

Vishnu smiles and said   How many times have you taken my name during the job?

Narad kept his head down and said not a single time, my Lord!

Vishnu continues: The farmer has a family and their responsibility. He has to do hard work day & night in all seasons. Yet, he never forgets to THANK me every morning & night. That's the difference between You and Him. I have given you one task and you forgot me. On the other hand, Farmer has lots of work still he remembers me.

That's the beauty of GRATITUDE. This is the truth which made us. It's the truth which leads you to your destiny.