Static Vs Dynamic Website

29-Oct-21 Mplussoft

Static Vs  Dynamic Website

When people see any website, they never pay attention to whether it is a static website or a dynamic website. Both of them are just websites, aren't they? Yes, but technically there's a lot going on in the background. Knowing the difference between these two types of websites is crucial for anybody planning to build a website. The type of website you choose will have an impact on the performance, cost, and maintenance of the website.

In this blog, we will discuss the basics of websites, types of websites, and the difference between static and dynamic websites. You'll also learn how developers create static and dynamic websites and manage them. So let's get started.

What is a Website?

The website is a collection of web pages consisting of different types of multimedia content like text, photos, and videos that can be viewed using the URL found in the browser's address bar. Notable examples are,, and

How to access Websites?

You can directly go to the website by typing the web address of the website also known as "URL" in the browser's address bar. The browser requests the webpage from the Web server, then the webserver provides the browser with the requested web page and its content. In both static and dynamic websites, information is returned differently.

What are the types of websites?

Websites come in various forms and shapes but mainly there are majorly two types of websites: static websites and dynamic websites.

What is a static website?

A static website is the simplest form website that comes with a fixed number of web pages and a particular layout. The content of a web page running on a browser is static or fixed and does not change according to the end-user.

A static website is normally coded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). When a server gets a request for a static website, it provides the response to the user directly without doing any extra processing that is why they are as fast as compared to dynamic websites.

If you need a website that is less than three pages then a static website is the best choice for you. Creating a static website doesn't take much time and can be created very easily. It is also very quick because static websites don't interact with the database. In addition, they are less expensive because they don't require server-side processing. 

What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic website is more functional than a static website, which is just informative. A dynamic website enables visitors to engage with the data shown on the web page. Of course, dynamic websites are built using HTML and CSS however, in order for a dynamic website to operate, server-side languages such as PHP,, or JavaScript must be used to dynamically create HTML code. 

The content of pages of dynamic websites varies depending on the visitor.

It takes longer to load than a static website because it interacts with the database. Dynamic websites are used when data on a website change frequently, such as an e-commerce site or news site. They are slower as compared to static websites and difficult to build. Examples of dynamic websites are,,, etc.

Difference between static and dynamic websites:


Static Website

Dynamic Website


Cheaper as compared to dynamic websites

The dynamic website requires server hosting which will be costly


The website will remain static until someone changes it manually.

The website will interact with the users and it will show different content to different users.


Easily maintained.

Requires more maintenance as compared to a static website.


Not Required.


Languages used

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.



Loads quickly.

Slower as compared to static websites.

Content Management

To update the content technical skills(coding) are required.

Using popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, anyone without technical skills can update the content on the website.

CMS - where you can handle all of your website with zero technical skills

Which one should you choose between static and dynamic websites?

It is very important to choose the right website for your business/services because it will affect the performance and cost of the website. Many people prefer dynamic websites because it is very easy to maintain and technical skills (coding) are not required to update the content of the website. You can also expand your dynamic website according to your needs. Due to the fact that it relies on hosting, it becomes expensive and takes a lot of time to develop in the initial stage. If you are someone who wants great functionality and interactive websites then dynamic websites are a great choice for you. 

Or, If you want to build a website that contains less than three pages like a personal blog, portfolio website, and company brochure then you can go for a static website. As the content is fixed/static, users will not be able to interact with the website. Static websites are fast but require technical skills to update the content on the website. To summarize, think about what you want from your website before making a decision.

Looking for a Static or Dynamic website?

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