money or values ask yourself

25-Dec-15 M_Fida

Money or values ask yourself

When you apply for a new job, looking for a soul mate, bank loan, everyone will ask about how much money you make. Those 4 people in your life will never ask about your values but they will definitely ask how much you earn for a living. It doesn't matter if you are just sitting idle in your office. You are on the bench or actually doing some work. What matters the most is money. Even the famous companies who talk about their values, charge heavily to their customers. So is it that simple that we all are Money Driven people? Money is the most important factor in everyone's life?

Let's see the other side of the picture  Your values will be considered as your character disrespect to how much you are earning. If you are earning millions and not having a good character then no one will agree to marry you. If the company is not having values, integrity, discipline then no customer will come to them, even if they are the cheapest in the market. Values are like clean water in a glass. If the water is not clean no matter how expensive the glass is nobody is going to drink it.

People often thinks that values are more important than money. I say keep it balance. Instead of placing one over other in your life, balance them. Tie a knot Values weds Money in your life. Where Money will play smart Wife & Values will play strong Husband role.

A wise man once said  'Paise Jhaad pe nahi ugte' (Money doesnt grow on trees)

We took it seriously.

You decide  Values or Money?