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26-Oct-21 Mplussoft

Voice Search Optimization - Complete Guide

In recent times, voice search has become a trending topic because of the massive changes in the mobile industry. The ease and convenience of voice searches have made it popular amongst everyone.

With smartphones, Voice search was introduced and soon spread to smart speakers and voice assistants around the world. Today, we are witnessing a revolution in the industry.

So, In this blog, we'll cover all the details about voice search, voice search optimization, and how you can use it to grow your business.

What is Voice Search?

The process of searching on the internet using the voice on smartphones, virtual assistants, or smart speakers is known as voice search. For example, when we ask Google assistant  "Hey Google,  What is the height of the Eiffel tower?" it is none other than a voice search.

Why Voice Search is on the rise?

Voice Search is gaining popularity because of its ease of use in finding information. According to the research study performed by Statistic in 2019, it was found that 42% of the worldwide online population had used a voice search on their devices and 49% of the population has accessed voice search in Asia & Pacific region only. 

Top reasons why online users will be using voice search frequently:

  • UI is User-Friendly

  • It is fast and saves time

  • Voice search responds in a natural tone.

  • Language is not a barrier, anyone can use it without knowing English. For example- Google Assistant now speaks in 30 major languages.

What is Voice Search Optimization?

The practice of optimizing your pages to appear in voice search results is known as voice search optimization. When you optimize your website for voice search, you're basically optimizing it for how people will search with their voice.

The main goal of voice optimization is to have your page read out loud by voice search devices.


How to perform Voice Search Optimization?



Effective strategies for optimizing your content for voice search:

Optimize for conversational questions.

Voice Search optimization is different from Search Engine Optimization because the way people type and speak is different. 

For Example, you might type "Best restaurant near me" on the computer, but on voice search, you would say, "Show me the best restaurant near me?" You should optimize your website for conversational queries to get the best results and rank higher.


Keyword strategy for voice search optimization.

It is important to implement keywords in your website that are used to optimize voice search.

Some types of keywords are given below:

  • Question Keywords It includes keywords such as Show me, How, What, Why, When, etc

  • Filler words- It includes keywords such as "I, for, the, of the, etc. 

  • Long-tail keywords- It includes keywords used in daily conversation.

There are various tools available in the market to research keywords related to voice search optimization.


Featured Snippets 

To get the most out of your voice search optimization strategy, answer questions directly in the snippets. Google's featured snippets are relevant material that appears at the top of the SERP(Search Engine Results Pages are the results that you see after searching for a keyword).

Search engines extract the best result based on the search query and present it in a box known as snippets.

According to a study, snippets appear in over 30% of the search results provided by Google.

If your content is present in the snippet, the voice assistant will fetch the answer directly from there and show it to the user doing a voice search. As a result, you should focus on delivering high-quality content on your website so that it may be highlighted in snippets.


Improve loading time of website


If you want your website to rank on voice search results, your website needs to be fast. To do this you should first assess your current website speed and identify the factors that are slowing it down.

Carry out techniques that are used to increase the website's performance, such as optimizing web pages, compressing the size of images used on the website, minimizing the size of your Javascript, HTML, and CSS files, reducing the number of redirects, and also improve server response time.

These modifications will speed up the loading time of your website and increase the likelihood of it showing in voice search results.

Optimize your local listing.

Start establishing a local presence if you want to improve voice search results. It is done by using the "Google My Business" listing, which displays results when people search for businesses in that area.

The majority of the people use voice search to find nearby places to visit. While at home, driving, or in the office they search for hotels, coffee shops, stationery stores, salons, doctors, and gyms. 

So, if you want to show up your business in local searches, you should optimize on Google's local listing content using location-based keywords, such as "Hotels in Pune". When a customer in Pune will search for "Hotels in Pune". Google will track the location, and if your hotel is near the location of the user, it will most likely appear in the search results.


 Mobile-Friendly Websites

Due to the large number of voice searches conducted on mobile devices, it's safe to conclude that Google favors mobile-friendly websites as part of its voice search algorithm. As a result, you must create a mobile-friendly website where users can get rapid answers to their questions due to this traffic will also increase. Simple design, compressed pictures, clear text, easy navigation, and larger action buttons are some of the key elements to consider while building a mobile-friendly website.


Why is voice search optimization important?

Voice search is a streamlined way to ask search engine questions and get relevant information via speech technology. SEO is undergoing a transformation as voice search technology is evolving so it is very important to use it across various online businesses and services to improve sales.

It is usually faster and more accurate than using text or a search box on a website. Businesses are seeing the value in voice search optimization and are beginning to make efforts to improve it.


Final Thoughts

From all the studies conducted on voice searches, it is clear that Voice search will dominate the market in the near future. Those websites that have already optimized their websites for voice search will very soon see an increase in traffic, which will result in a faster growth rate of their business. To increase your online exposure and rank organically, you should optimize your website content for voice search as soon as possible.


We Can Optimize Your Voice Search results

Because voice search is a relatively new type of technology, it's critical to work with voice search optimization experts. At Mplussoft we have a team of experts dedicated to voice search optimization that will be available for you. Call us at  +91 8459 63 0022 or schedule an online consultation to speak with one of our experts right away!