Into The Metaverse: The Beginning

17-May-22 Mplussoft

Into The Metaverse: The Beginning

It's almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet; society would likely implode if it suddenly disappeared. Just look at what happened last year when Facebook was unavailable for only six hours. The 1990s was the start of something incredible in Human history. We saw the evolution of technology.

The world is changing, and so is technology: the Virtual World and the Virtual Interaction, Metaverse. The More we think about it, the more we feel like part of the comic book. We all went through a time of Hardship, where we got trapped in our homes.

The world went into peaceful chaos. This Hardship gave us a virtual spectrum to connect with loved ones and communicate using audio-video devices. Once the world opened for mobility and Physical Communication, we were still hung up on the virtual spectrum that got us hooked during the pandemic and found comfort indoors.

Lets Simplify What Metaverse is

A virtual-reality space where users can interact in a computer-generated environment, just like a game but in reality space. All you need are VR headsets, and You are on the Gateway of the Metaverse. It's like entering into another dimension.

In the " Ready Player One " movie, you might feel like Wade, a teenager in the "Ready Player One" movie. The virtual space in the film is called "Oasis", where people interact, spend most of their time and money, go on a treasure hunt; the real-life digital transaction takes place. The movie gave us just a snippet of what lies ahead.

Growing up 90's kid, the nostalgia we carry reading about Metaverse in Snow crash by US author Neal Stephenson gives us Goosebumps today. He was the First Person to Coin the term "Metaverse" in 1992, almost 29-30 years back. The Miles Morales From "Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse" where multiple realities collide. It was just a fantasy back then, and now it's turning into reality every passing minute.

What is this Hype around Metaverse?

Gaming Industry has always been at the forefront of the Metaverse evolution. Roblox is used by millions of people (mostly youngsters) worldwide to create an avatar and interact in a user-generated 3D world. Players can create their games and buy, sell, and create virtual items that can be used to customize their avatars.

With Roblox and Minecraft acting as the Gateway into the development of Metaverse, it's the Social Media Giant Facebook changing its name to "Meta" that garnered the attention and gained the moment in favour of Metaverse. The Hype Begin the day Facebook became Meta. Facebook changed the face of Social Media as we know it today. People worldwide have glued their eyes on "Meta" and Mark Zuckerberg for the Next Big Thing.

Due to the Metaverse's blockchain-based architecture, any "possessions" you own or create in the Metaverse are unique and cannot be copied or stolen. Blockchain technology enables various digital possessions sold in the Metaverse to be unique, much like works of art. Additionally, cryptocurrencies power the Metaverse; everything is purchased or sold using various types of cryptocurrency.

A Bristol-based digital regulation expert, Tom Harding, says that the Facebook metaverse will not be the only one in existence; it will be one of many While Speaking with In November 2021, Microsoft announced its Plan for the Metaverse, Mesh for Microsoft Teams, incorporating quasi-metaverse capability into its popular video collaboration tool. So it's safe to assume "Meta" was just the trailer of what to expect in the future.


We have come far away in this Journey of the evolution of technology. To sum up, The entire concept of Metaverse is to create a virtual world that can be accessed through the use of a virtual reality headset or console. It's as if you're a player in a video game, complete with your avatar.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. It is just the beginning of "Into the Metaverse Saga". In the next blog, we will be covering the game-changing innovation leading the development of Metaverse. And The race among corporate giants to reach the pinnacle of Metaverse.

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