Cyber-security for connected cars


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Connected cars are a reality today. Multiple systems in the car including the ubiquitous infotainment system and the keyless entry system connect to mobile devices of the owner. The number of in-car systems connecting with systems outside the car is only likely to increase in the future.  A cyber attack on connected cars is a reality and orders more dangerous than a cyber attack on personal computing devices. These attacks can risk the lives of the cars’ occupants. Security software meant for personal computing devices may not be well equipped especially in terms of speed of response to prevent a catastrophic accident.

Increasingly many functions in cars are being controlled by mobile apps and hacking into the mobile device(s) or in-car device hosting these apps can compromise the car. This happens in multiple ways.

  • Rooting the owner’s mobile device that connects with the car and accessing stored login details to connect to the car.
  • Trick car owners to download malicious versions of connected-car apps.
  • Infect mobile devices that connect with the car with malware to carry out an overlay attack. It is also predicted that vehicle to vehicle wireless communication will also become a source of hacking into a car.

And hence we more focus on secure-app development with a secure environment in Mplussoft for such projects.


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