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Video content that appeals, educatesappeals educate and informs is a preferred medium of dissemination of vital brand information given the rise in mobile users around the world. A Statista study found that the majority of online consumers used mobile or tablet devices to consume video content.

Mplussoft’s video marketing experts create in-depth strategies keeping in mind your marketing objectives. In order to build trust, and enhance visibility and brand recall among your target audience, our experts undertake various activities that help boost traffic to your website and other web assets. This helps boost your digital presence into prominence providing you with brand authority and leadership in the industry.

As a digital marketing agency, our experts create video marketing strategies to build trust, educate your consumers about your product and services, and provide high-quality video production services.

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An effective video marketing strategy can significantly improve brand recall and authority. Our experts, when strategizing, go through a step-by-step process to ensure efficiency and quality.

Onboarding and Analysis

Once the client is onboard, we do an in-depth analysis of the business, marketing objectives, content, and target audiences. Our experts analyze existing content, relevant keywords, industry trends, and target audience as it’s vital to a successful strategy to understand who, what, and where our audience is and what they want.

Competitor analysis

Understanding the messaging of competitor brands, their online positioning, and their target audience will help us identify the spaces they may lack, have authority around, and the essential ideas around their content and the emotions it evokes in their audience. Our specialists conduct this analysis to create a strategy to help a brand stand out against the competition.

Strategy and planning

A video marketing strategy is developed based on the insights gathered through analysis of the existing content, industry trends, target audience and competitors of the brand. Our digital marketing experts, create a strategy that helps boost ROI, visibility and recall while giving the brand authority and leadership in the market,

Scripting & Video Production

Scripts are created and sent into the production stage after approval from the brand. The strategy guides the scripting process into creating a video that is unique and impactful, is able to garner the right emotions and is memorable to the target audience.

Track and Measure

Once the strategy is implemented, the performance of the plan is continuously tracked. This helps us adjust future strategies to best include what worked and remove the elements that did not work according to expectations. Views, likes, comments and shares are some engagement parameters that help us measure the success of the campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video content can be an effective tool for educating and informing your target audience. 81% of marketers have stated that video marketing helped increase direct sales for their business. The effectiveness of a video marketing strategy can significantly improve brand recognition and authority.

Let us know your requirements here. Our experts will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a quote accordingly.

At the time of onboarding, we request the brand provide information about their business, target audiences, competitors and other variables that help us create a tailored strategy. Once the strategy is approved by the brand, we create scripts and storyboards (in case of animated videos) that go through an approval process before the video is created.

Yes, we have an in-house videographer and editor that are a part of the Digital Marketing team here at Mplussoft. We have a dedicated team for Digital Martketing including social media account managers, SEO executives, content and copywriters and videographers and editors. Our team are experts in each of their fields and creates strategies tailored to your business needs.

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