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The importance of SEM in a digital marketing strategy is immense. SEM or PPC is a less intrusive form of advertising as it allows you to reach target consumers when they most need or require your product or service.

Combined with SEO, Our digital marketing team uses SEM campaigns to increase brand impressions and ROI. We identify relevant keywords and phrases for a brand, including the ones its customers are more likely to use when using search engines. This helps us get an idea of the search intent of the target consumer and accordingly tailor PPC content to achieve a higher ad position. A high ad position leads to a rise in rankings and, in turn, boosts traffic to the website.

With SEM services, you can bring high-quality traffic to your website, which will boost the SEO of your website as well as provide credibility to your brand, as Google will see your website as an authoritative source.

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As a leading digital marketing company, our experts conduct a competitor analysis to understand the intent of the advertisements, and opportunities for your brand, and to gain insight into how to optimize your campaigns. We undertake several steps to build an efficient SEM strategy.

Identify Brand Goals

Identifying brand requirements and goals allows us to understand the brand's needs, the target audience, the messaging intent of the brand, and more. Our experts analyze existing content, relevant keywords, industry trends, and target audience as it’s vital to a successful strategy to understand who, what, and where our audience is and what they want.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing a competitor's SEM strategy helps us understand their commercial intent, messaging, and what appeals to the target audience. This helps us optimize the PPC strategy, set goals, understand what worked and did not work for a competitor, find opportunities and gain more insights to form an effective SEM / PPC strategy.

Identify Keyword Intent

PPC advertising aims to reach users when they are most likely to need the information you have to offer. For a successful SEM strategy, bidding on commercial intent search terms and creating ads relevant to the user is essential. SEM strategies that attract high-quality traffic can also benefit your website's SEO.

Optimize Ad copy

This ongoing activity requires SEM experts to optimize the ad copy for commercial intent keywords in a relevant manner that best appeals to the target audience. To ensure an A PPC manager continuously optimizes ad copy with keywords the brand bids on to increase ROI.

Track and Measure

Pay-per-click marketing involves advertisers paying for impressions that result in visitors. Google and Bing show brand offerings alongside search query results when consumers search for keywords the brand has bid on. Our SEM experts track the number of impressions and leads garnered from the ad to measure the campaign's success and adjust the strategy if required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Through Search Engine Marketing, you can reach your consumers directly when they are most likely to need the information you have to offer. With SEM, you only pay-per-click, meaning you pay for the number of consumers that visited your website. Ads can be optimized for local audiences as well, ensuring increased conversions. Making SEM a cost-effective way to receive quality leads and customers.

We have worked with clients globally to help them create a brand identity and presence online that is recognizable, reliable, and trustworthy. Our SEM team will help you establish your brand as a credible and authoritative source in your industry through research and analysis of the target market and audience, brand goals, and more.

Yes, we do. We have an in-house content team that creates engaging and relevant content targeted to your audience.

Mplussoft provides comprehensive digital solutions - from Digital Marketing, SEO and SEM to Content and Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more under one roof. Depending on your business requirements, our digital marketing experts can tailor a specific strategy to include other services you may require.

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