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Effective storytelling and managing community relationships are ways to establish a brand's reputation and image in the consumer’s mind. As a public relations agency, one of our key functions is to manage media and stakeholder relationships.

Through various activities, our PR consultants gain insights into customer satisfaction, the image of the company in the minds of the people, and the effectiveness of communication strategies in establishing the brand as an industry leader.

Public Relations is an essential activity for a brand as it helps foster a positive image and relationship with consumers and other stakeholders. From creating press releases and briefs to creating specific brand stories that align with the brand's core values, our public relations and communication experts help build a brand’s image and authority through paid and organic means.

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As a leading digital marketing company, our experts conduct a competitor analysis to understand the intent of the advertisements, and opportunities for your brand, and to gain insight into how to optimize your campaigns. We undertake several steps to build an efficient SEM strategy.

Understanding the business

Understanding a business and its products and services helps us identify brand USPs, communication opportunities and more. A PR strategy tailored according to the needs of the company and the interests of its target group can help settle a favourable brand image.

Research and Planning

Our consultants work on identifying and analysing direct and indirect competition to your brand to understand the competition's PR strategies and messaging and customers’ responses to said activities. Based on insights garnered through research, our team lays down a blueprint of favourable media and content opportunities for the brand - print, digital, influencer marketing and more.

Developing Media Communication

Fundamental media relations from print to digital and its various influencers are crucial to getting your brand noticed. Our team works on identifying and engaging with relevant influencers in your industry to help promote the brand and reach its target audience.

Analyze and Adjust

A PR strategy needs to be dynamic in order to manage any crisis that may arise. Analysing current communications to adjust according to market trends and needs and tailoring messaging to address a crisis are all part of a PR team's day-to-day activities.

Monitor Brand Image

Continuous monitoring of brand image and communication materials ensures that our team can predict if a crisis may need to be averted or if communication strategies need to be adjusted to accommodate current market trends and more.

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Public Relations can elevate a business from small to large through various activities that help establish the brand as a part of a community, create customer loyalty, and give the brand an authority in the market. No matter what size business you have, public relations can be a powerful marketing tool.

We have worked extensively with clients in Ed-Tech, Security and Hospitality, Social Networking, transportation, and more industries. We conduct thorough research and analysis for each client to understand their industry and requirements, target audiences, and messaging to create a tailored PR strategy specific to their business.

Our PR experts take care of all your business needs. Our team undertakes all services to promote your business, from press releases and articles to digital messaging.

Mplussoft provides comprehensive digital solutions - from Digital Marketing, Public Relations, SEO and SEM to Content and Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more under one roof. Depending on your business requirements, our digital marketing experts can tailor a specific strategy to include other services you may require.

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