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Let’s take a peep into Rio Paralympics 2016 that took place the last year.

Kudos to Devendra Singh who became India’s 2nd gold medal winner at the Rio Paralympics after a world record #JavelinThrow of 63.7m in the men’s, Incredible Feat.

Only a few people knew that he also won his first gold in the javelin throw at the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens.

Making him the only second gold medalist at the Paralympics for his country.

But then what do you think, why many people are weren’t aware of his great achievement?

I guess there was not so strong impactful media that time. Is it?

Na…..the only reason is we didn’t have that social media to reach every individual.

This time in Rio Paralympics 2016 every nitty-gritty detail was being updated. Everyone took the games seriously and were so involved in it that continue posts were updated in support. #RioParalympic became the trending hashtag.

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