Lupin Ltd.


Mplussoft Business Analyst team worked with Lupin Human Resources, Pune to make a sustainable system for their internal reporting.

Lupin Ltd one of the Top Pharmaceutical Company in India aimed to achieve a transparency for their staff majorly for their different department HRs to increase their productivity. They were in a situation to handle multiple softwares who are best in what they are doing but not in integrating with each other. Henceforth, their manpower needs to export everything from one and import to another to make reports for their Managers & Audit staff. It is very time consuming and also if a single thing missed the whole report changes its overview. Therefore, they were looking to get something centralized for all their different softwares. They wanted a single database, a single URL to access everything.

While Lupin is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of tuberculosis drugs and having many big and small IT companies in hand, they knew that it is not going to be easy. There are few critical nerves we need to address before we get into it. We recognized those as:
1) Migration of all their data from their existing system to our new system.
2)Training to their 2000+ staff in India.
3) Get through each and everything (especially security checks) from their IT team
4)And the most important is TIME, if we could get all the above things clear, then too the time to
develop this kind of customized solution for them would take years.

The Mplussoft Solution provided a Basic HR Module for all their HR managers. Through this, they will be able to access all the reports of internal staff. The challenges have been addressed by:
1) We do not need to migrate all data. Only the migration would be required for Master database, which is 1% of all data.
2) Now we need to only train their HR managers, so the training to staff is brought down to 150-200 employees.
3) We have addressed this properly and even in the shorter module Mplussoft have cleared all security checks from their IT team.
4) It will take only 40-50 days to be up and running. Great amount of time!